So the calculation we did before where wrong as we had to choose a base year and we didn’t before so I had to do the calculation all again …You have to show knowledge and understanding for this part ? for the history behind the numbers ? the graph what they mean ? you have to interpret the graph in a professional way … you have to the calculation ready so use the number in there when u explain . Say that in this relative ppp im looking at monthly data from 2000-2018 and is monthly data  and I will test the theory if hold or not I chose May 2010 as  A BASE YEAR YOU HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED IN 2010 in the economic one thing can be the global crisis . And that’s why I chose is as base year and find other relevant reasons  .. and I did the calculation based on that .. my calculation are right so base you explanations on the numbers I have found please.According to that you have to explain exchange rate and ppp before and after the base period may2010 …equilibrium .. what happened before the base year ?and what make it change after the base year  ???What is the relationship between exchange rate and ppp and how this explain the theory is the real words and data been explained as the theory stated ? yes (.you can say ppp holds because exchange rate converge (move forward)to ppp , even if we have some deviations ) they move In the same direction? the first graph what it shows ?What happened to the prices of product before and after base year ?be critical Then u have to explain why I had this deviation numbers and explain the deviation graph ( it can be because comparing developed and developing country