Recognising depression (in teens) and helping them

Recognizing Depression (in teens) and Helping them Depression can simply be defined as a of being in low mood and aversion from the normal activity of the body’s attitude an aspect that can have a negative outcome on the individual’s thoughts, behaviors, feelings and even state of mind in respect to the world view. Depression has been associated with teen pregnancy, suicides and drug abuse especially when the issue is not addressed early enough (Roy, 2005). As a result, the topic is of great importance in helping teens deal with depression. Teens who are depressed are likely to feel sad, easily irritable, restless and even hopeless in life. It therefore becomes very hard for a teen who is depressed to concentrate in class an aspect that is replicated in the performance of the person (Lam, 2012).One way of identifying a depressed teen is through observing the behavior. Mainly, a depressed teen opt to alienate himself or herself from the rest of the members (Sheehan, 2002). The teen also loses hope in some of the group activities and tends to be irritated quickly. In addition, a depressed teen is likely to indulge himself/herself in drugs or other vices such as unprotected sex as a way of looking for comfort and recognition (Huber, 1999).One of the ways to help a teen suffering from depression is through offering friendship to the teen and trying to give him or her comfort through advice and listening to his/her frustrations. This makes the teen to feel loved and valued therefore developing a positive attitude towards his/her own self. If the condition is extreme, it is important to advice and encourage the teen to see a psychiatrist (Berne, 2007).ReferencesBerne, E. C. (2007). Depression. Detroit: Greenhaven. Huber, C. (1999). The depression book: Depression as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Murphys, CA: Keep It Simple. Lam, R. W. (2012). Depression. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Roy, J. R. (2005). Depression. New York: Benchmark Books. Sheehan, T. (2002). Depression. Center City, MN: Hazelden.