Recognized Standard of Running Operations

According to Hillary 2000, various companies and organizations are constantly working on accomplishing and laying barely a sound environmental performance by simply controlling the impacts that have emerged in relation to the activities that they undertake. In essence, the organizations and companies guarantee there is the consistency of their products and services with environmental policies and objectives that have been put internationally. This is done in respect to the development of policies in the economy and other related measures that have been put in place to promote environmental protection, over and above, adhering to the concern that has been put forward by interest groups on environmental matters and sustainable development (Blackburn, 2007).

In light of this, numerous organizations and companies all over the world take upon themselves the obligation to go through environmental reviews and audits in order to rate their environmental performance. Never the less, their own environmental review and audit may not meet the international expectations on environmental policy and as such tend to be ineffective. Thus, ISO 14001 needs to be conducted within a management system that is structured and one which is integrated within a specific organization or company (Edwards, 2004).

Apparently, international standards that are mandated to cover environmental management provide organizations and or companies with elements that incorporate an efficient environmental management system (EMS), which is then, integrated with related management requirements in a bid to achieve both environmental and economic goals. Of importance to note is that International Standards do not create non-tariff trade barrier, increase or change the legal obligations of any organization (Hillary, 2000) Simply, International Standards gives specifications on the requirements of the environmental management system that enables organizations and companies to come up with policies and objectives and further implement them with regard to significant environmental aspects.