Recruitment and Selection Strategy



This research will begin with the duties and tasks of a sales manager. The major duty of a sales manager is to establish goals for the sales team and to come up with plans to achieve them. He should come up with innovative strategic methods to increase the market base and market share. It will be the duty of the sales manager to take an active role in recruiting and forming new sales team. He shall provide the adequate training and educational programs that they need. The sales manager should be able to adapt to the global standards and manage the budget for his department by minimizing expenditures. He should be able to adapt to utilizing online sales support system. He should be able to strongly understand the customer and market dynamics and their requirements. He will directly report to the Sales Director and submit the sales report every month. He will discuss the goals set and his strategy for the future market with the sales director. Monitors the performance of each Account Executive, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and provide them with appropriate feedback and tips for further improvement. He shall establish programs to motivate the accountant executives. The manager will make appropriate presentations and reports regarding products and sales performance to clients and executives. He should have 3-5 years experience in sales management with excellent oral and communication skills. He should have the ability to lead, guide, and motivate a diverse sales team. Also, he must be willing to be exposed to global divisions. A proven leadership and ability to drive sales teams is a chief requirement. This study will present most effective methods of attracting applicants. As indicated earlier, job posting refers to the practice of publicizing an open job to employees (often by literally posting it on bulletin boards) and listing its attributes, such as criteria of knowledge, qualification, skill, and experience. The purpose of posting vacancies is to bring to the attention of all interested persons (inside or out of the organization) the jobs that are to be filled. Selected attributes of the job, for example, skill or experience, will change. There are sufficient qualified, potential applicants serving in other positions within the organization who may be potential candidates for that job. Also necessary is the availability of a functional human resource information system that supports recruitment. An effective, computerized system [for medium and large scale] would: flag imminent vacancies throughout the organization to ensure that the recruitment process is timely. ensure that no candidates are lost but, instead, move through the process and are kept informed of their status. ensure that good candidate whose applications are pending are kept in touch to maintain their interest in the organization. assist in analyzing hiring, transfer and exit trends and provide other data that are helpful in planning, evaluating and auditing the recruitment process. identify any adverse impacts of the recruitment process on vulnerable groups (for example minorities, especially where Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action legislation exists).. As the sales manager position requires better understanding about the companies market goals, principles, and strategies, it would be better to look for internal candidates also who are more experienced and are having sufficient potential to perform the job.&nbsp.