Recycled toothbrushes make sense

Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense What are the advantages for Recycline in partnering with Stonyfield Farm? Recycline is an eco-friendly firm that makes toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, and shavers relying on plastic containers and other recyclable materials as its major raw-materials. The company emerged to be successful as it initiated its partnership with Stonyfield which enhanced its ability of collecting raw-materials through better alternatives. For instance, at the initial stage of the firm, Recycline acquired its raw-materials in the form of commercial waste comparatively by inferior means. Therefore, the company came up with an idea of partnering with Stonyfield which had a very good linage with the shops and outlets across the country. Stonyfield was potential enough to provide Recycline with discarded yogurt containers as raw-materials through its collection points introduced as the new Gimme 5 program. The partnership could also promote consumers concerns on environmental issues and thereby the demand for green products that Recycline used to manufacture. This growing concept of sustainable business encouraged people to drop plastic containers at the disposal points from where Recycline could collect them easily.
2. List some additional ways Hudson could market his recycled-plastic toothbrushes and shavers.
Hudson can be further innovative with the marketing tactics in order to enhance the sales of its green products. Like any other business marketing, Recycline can also utilize the advantages of various advertising techniques. Obviously, the notable feature of its eco-friendly approach to business can be highlighted for the promotion of sale. Like the partnership with Stoneyfield, Hudson can seek possibility of collaborating with non-profit organizations which encourage sustainable businesses and green products. In addition, he can announce certain compliments along with each sale so that it would retain Recycline’s potential customers and would attract new clients. Finally, Hudson can inquire if the products could be sold through fair trade outlets by acquiring fair trade certification from the responsible agencies.
3. How will the company have to change as it grows larger?
Environmental risk management has become one of the significant areas of an organization’s legal as well as ethical compliance. As an emerging trend organizations today voluntarily undertake environmental protection. Since ‘green brand’ is the major competitive advantage of Recycline, the company can launch new products that would align with its sustainable policy. It should explore the scope of implementing modern information technology for enhancing internal and external communication and organizational integration. As the firm grows further, it should restructure its hierarchy and infrastructure if necessary for attaining the proposed goals. Since the aesthetic appeal is an important aspect of product sale, Recycline should come up with excellent models in future. Moreover, there should be constant research on products and market so that the firm can easily identify the latest business trends.