Redesigning the Current Electronic Stethoscope Design

There are several attempts to develop effective high tech stethoscope given the advancement in medical technology. The stethoscope remains one of the least advanced equipment in the doctor’s chambers. This is because some of the developed stethoscopes are expensive or face regular breakdowns hence ineffective. To enhance technological innovation on this instrument medical instruments the electrical and electronic engineers have chipped in to innovate a modern electronic stethoscope to replace the traditional diaphragm type stethoscope.
This project was developed on clients request for a complete redesign on the current electronic stethoscope. The clients request that the design should comprise a receiver box, speakers, wireless microphones and a headphone jack. The microphone signals are sent via a quad amplifier. The amplifier filters the signal and implements an initial gain (A) of 3. The mixer receives the two signals which enable the user to choose the microphone of preference for the respective sound quality adjustments. The signal is then passed to another switch providing interactive user ability mode of output between the headphone and speaker. The complete stethoscope is then printed on the board to suit the needs of different users.
The current electronic stethoscopes are generally designed for a one time use and are uncomfortable for doctors if used for periods of time. Stethoscopes are the main medical equipment for Anesthesiologists since they have to analyze breath and heart sounds when handling anesthesia cases. The electronic stethoscope makes use of a microphone and speaker system, but it is extremely large for practical uses resulting from the large power system. This brings an implication of the need to innovate an appropriate power system. The stethoscope must be redesigned to allow for dual microphone capabilities.&nbsp.