Reflection Paper on Community Service Learning

The researcher of this essay chose the Indianapolis Art Center to perform his volunteer services because it offered him an interesting chance to find out about a holiday from a different culture, that was the traditional Mexican holiday of El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The holiday celebrates life and commemorates the lives of those who once lived. The Indianapolis Art Center honored this traditional holiday with The Sixth Annual El Día de los Muertos Exhibition. The show included an exhibition of altars created by local community and a free celebration that included entertainment, hands-on cultural activities for all ages, and various works for sale on display by various artisans. Also available were traditional foods and an opportunity for the public to add their own tokens to a community altar. Service learning offered several benefits to me. First, it offered the researcher an interesting opportunity to step outside of the classroom and meet with real society. Service learning provided an opportunity for me to merge classroom learning and civic engagement. Second, the experience provided the environment in which I could gain problem-solving and organizational skills. The researcher concluds that the Day of the Dead event permitted him to look after more than thirty children while interacting with their parents at same time. It required the researcher to think fast and solve the arising problems fast and the motication to pass Community Service Learning class in order to graduate.