Reflection the Influence of Marxian Economics

Reflection the Influence of Marxian Economics It has historically been very unpopular in capitalist democracies to admit being influenced by the economic theories of Karl Marx. The prevailing capitalist ideology has influenced all aspects of the delivery of information to conspire against Marxian economics by obfuscating its finer qualities. From the government to the media to the educational system, one may well make an argument the greatest political success in the western world in the 20th century was the total branding of Marxian economics as a demon.
What an eye-opening experience it has been to be exposed to the purely economic element of Marxism with the information not being filtered through the prism of capitalist ideology. This class has presented a perspective on the economic theories of Marx and Engels in such a way that it can be easily applied to almost every situation one comes into contact with. The influence of Marxist economics is so deeply grounded into my consciousness that now when I pass a homeless person the street I do not immediately buy into the capitalist caricature of a lazy person who refuses to work and so should rightfully be denied public assistance, but I imagine an entire tapestry of historical confluences. Did this person buy a bigger house than he could actually afford in a misguided effort at upward mobility Did he lose his high-paying job after being laid off by an employer who outsourced his work to a low-wage country Indeed, my appreciation of the vast reach of Marxist theory influences me to view everything from a different perspective.
The economics of politics has come under greater scrutiny as well as I apply Marx’s theories to it. What is the real purpose of the war in Iraq Is it actually to bring democracy there, or is it an attempt to create a new market for global conglomerates like Microsoft and McDonald’s Before this class I naturally divided economics and politics into different spheres that obviously blended together at times. After taking this class I now realize that literally everything has a political element to it that is based on economics. The fundamental element of the base/superstructure model has ramifications that are simply staggering. Educational curriculum at all levels has been chosen for decades based on the decision to propagate the capitalist interest in producing a steady supply of low-wage workers. The legal system is engineered in such a way not to punish the worst criminals, but to keep the elements of society most dangerous to the ruling power incarcerated. The entertainment industry is allowed to remain virtually free from regulation because it presents the most efficient method of keeping people distracted from their own economic uncertainties and inequalities.
When one finally comes to understand the reach of Marxian ideology it becomes crystal clear why the capitalist elite that subsidize made it a priority to demonize it.