Reflective Practice for Educators

Learning through experience plays an important role in the development of the professionals, often experience alone is not sufficient for learning. One needs to reflect or revisit the experience so that it is not forgotten.
Reflection is an operation of mind which gives rise to new ideas and thoughts (Scharp, 2008). This operation helps understand and handle different situations and once you reflect on an idea you gain an entirely new view on how it appeared to you in the first instance. Therefore, in my opinion, reflection helps understand a situation better while forming a link between theory and practice. Brigden and Purcell (2014) stated that unless a link is established between theory and practice, reading based on evidence is of little use. Hence it can be said that reflection has helped me develop the most effective delivery in terms of student learning which is also both manageable and practicable.
This report shares my personal experiences and reflections on my action learning exercise. We were assigned an action learning task in which we have to work as a group. As a group, we worked as an action learning set where we have to work in coordination with each other to accomplish the task of preparing the presentation. I am reflecting on that experience to learn from its outcomes as Surgenor (2011) emphasized that when you become aware of your shortcomings and reflect upon them you take appropriate steps to correct them. Through observation and analysis, one becomes able to figure out the problems and rectify them. This report is a reflective essay to help me learn from my experience with group work. I used the Kolbs Model as a guide while assessing my experiences in this active learning exercise. Kolb’s learning model is especially useful in my action learning program. According to this model, learning is a continuous cycle which begins with experience. we then revisit the experience and think about all the ideas, feelings and behaviors associated with it. in other words, we reflect on our experience.