Reinstating the military draft

Draft Reinstating the military draft Reinstating the military draft is an option being heavily weighed right now. Many, along with myself donot think the draft should be reinstated. Too many soldiers have already died or gotten injured during the military operation. We need soldiers out there who want to be out there fighting for our country, not soldiers forced to be out there.
Even though our President, George W. Bush is trying to reinstate the military draft, many citizens are opposed to this idea. Defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld declared, "I think the only people who could conceivably be talking about a draft are people who are speaking from pinnacles of near-perfect ignorance. The last thing we need is a draft. We just don’t." (Angus Reid, p.1) By issuing a draft, I do not think it is going to solve our issue with Iraq. It is possible things could get worse along with many more deaths and injuries. The Defense Department can also get away with lower wages since they would not have to pay for voluntary sign-ups. Their argument is that "an individual has the duty to defend his country." (Williams, p.1) However, I disagree with that as well. Every citizen can take some part in his or her country, but by his or her own free will instead of being forced into it. Walter Williams stated, "A draft should not be reinstated just to conceal costs." (Williams, p.2) He is absolutely right. a draft is not necessary just so the Defense Department can lower their costs for soldiers, tanks, bombs, bullets, and aircraft. Charles Rangel had stated, "By introducing the draft, this can reflect and benefit the economic makeup of our nation." (CNN, p.1) It seems to me that this is a decision being made out of selfishness. There are many out there who are willing to help fight in the war, and help our economic future.
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Others however, may not and this is where we should have the right to choice whether we want to do so or not. There are still many skilled recruits being managed so a draft is not exactly necessary quite yet. Lawmakers had stated, "These actions are only authorizing military actions. President Bush and other fellow lawmakers are way too eager to go to war." (CNN, p.1)
Under some circumstances, there are many pros and cons to the reinstatement of the military draft. However, I feel it is more of a disadvantage than anything else. As a citizen, we have the freedom to make choices. The draft being reinstated would be taking away from our rights of a U.S. citizen. Too many soldiers have already been injured or killed causing a great loss to many. To fight in the war should be an option for us if we want to fight in the war along with defending our country. Others have alternative plans for their future, and we should have the option to decide. It is not our obligation just because the Defense Department wants to try and lower their costs for war. That is something they need to work out by other means.

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