Relationship Marketing in a Global Market Place

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder ‘f the Tata Group, incorporated the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) on April 1, 1902, for the ownership and operation ‘f the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. The Taj Group’s first hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace &amp. Tower, Mumbai was opened on December 16, 1903.
The Taj has had momentous innings spanning the last three decades both in India and overseas and has established itself as the premier hospitality body in this country. Indian Hotels’ presence spans the entire gamut ‘f the market, across different brands and price segments. It is renowned for providing world-class, personalized service to guests, even as it retains an old-world charm by upholding the traditions and heritage ‘f India. Today the Taj brand is synonymous with luxury and service, in India and abroad.
The Taj brand is divided into 3 categories, namely business, leisure, and luxury. This is done to make things easier and more approachable for a customer. All of these hotels use product differentiation. This is made evident and clear through their marketing activities. However, the services offered here are the same. Each type ‘f category uses a set ‘f procedures and policies to maintain relationship marketing. The focus at IHCL is on customer valuation, which then leads to attracting new customers and customer retention.
Taj believes in maintaining customer relationships. As shown in the value chain earlier, Taj has two main customers. This is her guest and the Travel agencies that she deals with. A customer is valued and identified by market research. He is then attracted by schemes and programs. Once a customer is attracted and starts using Taj services, a focus is made on building a strong and special relationship with him.
Taj has an alliance with Thomas Cook. This is the main travel agency, which promotes Taj. Besides Thomas cook, there are hundreds ‘f travel agencies which deal with Taj. These range from the biggest agencies in India like the travel corporation ‘f India and Sita Travels to the smaller agencies all over the country. Taj has won international acclaim by winning various international awards. Recently, at the 2000 Selling Long-Haul magazine Travel Industry Awards, the UK and Irish travel agents have awarded Taj Hotels as the Best Individual Hotel/Hotel Group in India/Indian Ocean. The travel agencies are offered discounts, schemes, promotions, and packages, which they can further sell, to the customers. It also has alliances with a few airlines like Delta, Singapore airline, etc. that allows the customer to earn sky miles by staying at the Taj. The Taj has bookers parties, for travel agents, group promoters and national bodies like the tourism board, IATA(All India tourism association), etc.