Report and PowerPoint presentation about comparing between two Dining Hall

Others will have their dining halls centralized at one building while others prefer decentralized services. However, the ultimate objective of these plans is providing quality and affordable meals to the students. in this easy, I present my findings from an analysis of two leading universities’ dining halls in the state of Florida, the Florida University of Technology dining hall and the University of Florida dining hall. Features of the Florida University of Technology dining hall Centralization into one building The Florida University of Technology dining hall, commonly known as the Panther Dining Hall, is the sole food provider to the students in the campus. Located at the main residential building in the university, the dining hall seeks to provide the students with convince in the accessibility of food to the students. … With its large windows that always remain open. the dining hall has a good supply of air. Additionally, students can enjoy outside weather, by choosing to eat from the outside. There are cleaners who constantly keep on mopping the floor, thus maintaining its clean nature. Quality and variety of meals Despite being the sole food provider in the university, the dining hall strives to offer the students with a variety of meals that are high quality and affordable. Professionally prepared and packaged, the students receive high standard services from the dining hall. Having a meal in the hall gives one the impression of eating from a three star restaurant. Among the popular meals available in the dining hall to the students, include pizza buffet, pasta to order, deli, dessert, home-style entree with carvery, and salad (Florida Institute of Technology, 2013.) Presence of bars and international drinks Within its premises, there is an international bar and grill, which serves students with different alcoholic brands. With a variety of different alcoholic beverages, most of which are drawn from different countries, the dining hall factors in the international students (Florida Institute of Technology, 2013.) Therefore, one does not have to leave the campus premises in order to have their drinks. Not unless the students want to for a night out in the city, the dining hall fully caters for all the drinks that students could require. This enhances their security, as they do not have to leave the school compound most of the times. Different alcoholic bars and beverage bars The dining hall also has a beverage bar, one that serves the non-alcoholic drinks to the students (Florida Institute of Technology, 2013). This