Report on Imogen binnie

Nevada by Imogen Binnie The book begins by offering a detailed account of the life of Maria Griffiths who is described as a punk transexual woman living in the city of New York. She begins to see the reality of life when her girlfriend of many years informs her that she had been cheating on her. Her life takes a completely new turn as she is so confused upon hearing the news and she is unable to concentrate in her work as she ponders her next move. She considers her life to be very messy as things seem to fall apart and it can be compared to the landscape of New York City. The messy life is marked by bad sex in the bathroom of a downtown Burritoville, greasy breakfast at Kellogs, racing alone through Brooklyn on a bike and she avails herself of the subway whne her own internal map fails her. Maria is described by the author as a very intelligent lady who is a loner with one part being Daria and the other part being Holden Caufield. She refers to the world around her as bullshit. She surrounding environment seem not to work in his favor as he seeks news ways to bring happiness to her life. She all over sudden come to the realization that she hates everything around her. It strikes her that she probably kind of hates everything. She picks a fight with herself. (164) Maria finally ends up with nothing by her side as also has nothing to lose at the end of everything. The real turning point in her life is witnessed when she moves to Nevada where through country music and a sense of knowing, meets a closeted trans woman working at Wal Mart. The second part of the novel begins by the story of twenty year old James who is unhappy and lives in a small town in Nevada. James’ life is surrounded by three things namely girlfriend whom he recently fought, his laptop and Wal-Mart shop. These are some of the main things that contribute to his unhappy state.Binnie Imogen has succeded greatly in her new approach to writing which is evident by the fact that she allows the novel to locate its own ending through the avoidance of any form of clichés or the use of sentimental tropes that may befall a people of transgender. Such kinds of novels that are regarded as queer are deemed readable simply because they are queer. The author is greatly known as being a master of realism and has been made evident in the novel by showcasing characters who truly represent the things that are actually taking place in the society. The novel offers a strong voice to the people who are trans as they are not widely accepted in the society and are usually treated with contempt and suspicion in various parts of the world. This novel has succeeded in defending their course as well as making people to develop a proper understanding of them.Work CitedBinnie Imogen. Nevada, A novel. Topside Press228 Park Avenue South, #14261, New York, NY . 2013. Print.