Report on Prioritising the Quality Initiatives in ZJZ Cosmetics

TQM encompasses a quality spiral that shows that each element of the business process, each function not just the end product or service for the external customer is importantFitness for the use applies as much to in-process products and services as it does to the final product. Hence it is beneficial to look at the role of the TQM in the various functions that make up the production process. In the instant case of ZJZ Cosmetics, stricter quality control measures in Packing, Storing and Shipping processes must make sure that high-quality products are stored and labeled properly, and shipped without any mistakes so that the customer satisfaction in respect of prompt and quality deliveries is maintained in tact. One of the top priorities that need urgent attention from the quality control point of view is the product labeling. The analysis of the past mistakes shows that the labeling process in the packing department needs to be streamlined immediately.