Report on The Essential HR Handbook ISBN13 9781564149909

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Subject: Nursing
Date: April 12, 2012
Topic: Book report on The Essential HR Handbook ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-990-9

“The Essential HR Handbook: A Quick and Handy Resource for Any Manager or HR Professional,” by Sharon Armstrong, is an experience-based book. The author has dealt with the theory aspects of human resources management and supports his arguments with practical examples. Here is the great starting material for the HR personnel that provides a bigger picture of the organization.
The book is priced at $14.19 and cheap versions like Kindle edition are available. It serves as a handy reference book for those interested in the subject of personnel management. The highlights of the book are the organization of the subject matter with maps and checklists. The skills of the HR personnel lie in making the best use of the collective intelligence of the employees of the organization. The author has a scientific approach to issues related to human resources and personnel management, For example, he has dealt with the subject of performance evaluation, always a controversial and conflict-generating issue, with meticulous objectivity by introducing hands-on-strategies.
The sum and substance of issues confronting the human resources personnel have been elaborated in detail in the book. Great individuals are required for successful implementation of projects. Projects being great alone will not serve the purpose and the men behind the project who own the responsibility for its implementation need to be capable. HR is the important department of crisis management in any organization. I have assimilated something tangible as revealed in the ensuing quotes from Armstrong’s book(2008)(i) “Today, leaders of successful organizations understand the importance of good human resources principles and practices for maintaining a healthy business: They expect their managers to integrate good human resources management into their day-to-day work. (p.12) “Once the strategic plan is developed and easily understood, it is extremely important to share it with the employees….Employees need to know where their organization is headed, and how the work they do fits into the plan.”(p.20) “Never forget that your most important resource is your employees. Do all you can to create an environment that motivates and engages them.”(p.177)
I thoroughly recommend this book to those in the HR cadre. Details about the employment law issues are useful and the knowledge about the finer aspect of the law prevents the HR personnel from committing procedural errors. The book throws light on employee motivation, while facing the day to day challenges. Sharon Armstrong is eminently suited to write on the subject as he has practical experience in the HR field. This is a research-rich Handbook in the real sense of the term.

Armstrong, Sharon (2008). The Essential HR Handbook: A Quick and Handy Resource for Any
Manager or HR Professional: Career Press. Print