Research Experience for High School Students

This essay stresses that given the absence of specific and clear-cut formal policies and frameworks from the government on research experience for high school students, the quest to inject high school learning with research experience has largely remained in the hands of private initiatives. This means that the introduction and maintenance of research experience in high school learning has mostly been a preserve of efforts applied by individual high schools and their stakeholders. Conversely, there are other organizations or agencies such as the National Science Foundation which sustain Research Experience for High School Students (REHSS) programs with logistics and finances and help further the goals of REHSS.
This paper makes a conclusion that the research faculty member aiding and guiding the student has to come from the institution sustaining the research. For instance, Vanderbilt University enjoys the widest notoriety for sustaining these independent research projects. This means that most of the research faculty members who mentor high school students undertaking independent research projects are employees of Vanderbilt University. All students who participate in REHSS are to attend weekly breakout sessions in groups and are to be led by a group of Vanderbilt University postdoctoral and graduate student researches. In respect to the foregoing, it is important to note that institutions of learning which provide REHSS services have the prerogatives to set the requirements for enrolment. Roberts and Wassersug (2009) contends that in most cases, the student candidates must be: sixteen years of