Research plan which you wish to pursue at Waseda University Business School including the theme approach and methods etc which you intend to use

In recognition of these essential factors which are continuously driving the business arena and in consideration for my passion in investment, I would like to pursue a research which focuses in decision making for overseas investment. Specifically, I would like to design a research which ascertains the feasibility and profitability of opening a Korean car manufacturing firm in China. It should be noted economic growth in the near future is expected to come mostly from the Asia Pacific region especially from China. Furthermore, China is seen to become the largest market for automobile by 2010 with the continuous increase in disposable income and the development of infrastructure.
The research will be utilizing both qualitative and quantitative approaches. These two approaches are seen to complement each other. Qualitative approach will deal with the important issues faced in market entry strategy such as the mode of entry, social factors to consider, consumer preferences, competitive landscape analysis, internal analysis, and trend analysis. In order to facilitate this qualitative analysis, I will be employing semi-structured interview as the research methodology which allows participants to ask and receive information. I hope to interview executives from the three Japanese global automakers such as Nissan, Toyota, and Honda to gain essential insights from their operational experiences in China. I also hope to interview Chinese executives in the local auto industry to learn the key success factors and drivers in China. However, the literature review will also necessitate the use of secondary data to be sourced from books, magazines, journals, and the world wide web.
I will to strengthen these details by quantitative analysis dealing with the profitability of the overseas investment through the use of capital budgeting tools such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Discounted Payback Period, and other techniques to evaluate investment profitability during my stay at Waseda Business School. Cash flows will be generated through projections in demand, sales, and expenses.
2. Please explain the reasons why you have chosen to apply to the WBS at this particular time in your life.
I strongly believe that for an individual, the learning process is from womb to tomb. My application to the WBS at this particular time in my life shows my passion for learning and recognition of my need to be geared with the adequate knowledge and experience in pursuing my career advancement. As a modern woman, I recognize the need to further my strengths and competencies in order to efficiently do my part in the achievement of organizational goals.
Aside from my this motivation, I believe that I already satisfy the basic requirement of pursuing an MBA, that is, having an insight on different management theories through my college education and having an experience on how these theories are applied in the real corporate world through my experience as an in the management and planning team of Hanmi Pharmaceutical.
Furthermore, I choose to pursue my master’s degree at WBS because I believe that at this point, I am already imbued with the strength and courage