Disaster Cycle Research Paper (150 points).RESEARCH TOPIC: 2011 East African DroughtThroughout the course, you will be exploring the phases of disaster in a variety of contexts. Following the format provided in Chapter 4 of Women and Disasters, you will write an 8-12 page research paper on a disaster of your choice outlining the nine disaster phases as discussed in this course through a gendered and intersectionallens according to the following criteria:focuses on sociology, psychology, gender studies, and disaster studies.BOOK: Phillips, B.D. & Morrow, B.H. (2008). Women and disasters: From theory to practice. Philadelphia, PA:Xlibris.Additional reading on Blackboard in the Learning Modules.Assessment PointsIntroductionOne paragraph highlighting the importance of examining this particular disaster in the context of gender and intersectional identities with in the disaster cycle, including a thesis statement10 PointsBackground and HistorySummary of the disaster, including: type of disaster; date; location/region; scope of disaster; mortality; number of people affected/displaced/injuredPertinent information of gendered politics in this particular area that will help to understand vulnerability before, during, and after the disaster20 pointsDisaster CycleAt least one paragraphaddressing each stage in the disaster cycle (total of at least 8) as it relates to gender and other identitiesExposure to risk; Risk perception; Preparedness behavior; Warning communication and response; Physical impacts; Psychological impacts; Emergency response; Recovery and reconstruction (these two can be together or separateIf there is limited information in any section, explain why this may be the case and how it can remedied in the future80 pointsConclusionOne to two paragraphs to summarize findings, lessons learned, and ideas for improvement and growth10 pointsFormattingWritten in APA format, 1″ margins, 12 point Times New Roman, with a Title and References Pages according to APA Guidelines (not included in your total page count)Headers used to separate sections of paperIn-text citations in APA format10 pointsOrganizationPaper is organized, clearly written, with no spelling or grammatical errors10 pointsResourcesUtilizes a minimum of 10 scholarly resources (at least half must be sources not included in course materials)10 points 15/05/202025socialscience