Respond to post on The Effects of Personnel Selection

Response to posts on the effect of personnel selection March 13, Response to posts on the effect of personnel selection Response to Shelia’s post
I wish to expand your post by explaining a legal implication of job evaluation. Legal principles exist for conducting job analysis and obligation to comply with the regulations and consequences of non-compliance are examples of legal implications of job analysis (Hernandez and O’Connor, 2009). The post should have therefore extended to state such an example of the implications and not just legal provisions that identify the implications. Comparing the example for financial implication and legal implication illustrates this. For financial implication, job analysis requires implementation of specific steps. These steps are requirements and they lead to cost implications that the post identifies. Similarly, the steps that legal principles require identify implications of legal actions but the steps are not impliations.
Response to Kevin’s post
I wish to suggest that you be more precise in your post. Reading the post identifies need for precision on the discussion’s objectives. This means that you should identify a theme and develop the theme in your post. You should also communicate the theme in a clear manner and avoid discussing information that may not be relevant to the theme. The post, however, lacks a precision, only discusses a legal implication, and dedicates too much to background information on job analysis. Cost of conducting job analysis is an example of financial implication while success in recruiting and selecting personnel is an example of human resource implication that could have been discussed in the post (Hernandez and O’Connor, 2009).
Hernandez, S. and O’Connor, S. (2009). Strategic human resources management in health services organizations. New York, NY: Cengage Learning.