Restaurants should have to display their nutritional content on their menus

Government assistance is called upon to ensure all the stakeholders in this sector have compliant in totality as this will help the population which is time caught up to have an easy time by having to take balanced diets just at a look of the menus.We believe that this report offers the best recommendations which will see a positive overhaul in the fast food sector of these chain restaurants. This will go along way into leaving with the mission and vision of a healthy society under the basis of preventive and not curative measures. On any queries where you need clarification you can always contact our office which is open for you. We believe together we can achieve incredibly.This report is mainly a consumer initiated to determine whether the value of the money they use in buying foods from the chain restaurant is worth what they finally get. The report aims mainly at giving some justifications which goes a long way in ensuring that all the leading chain restaurants do give the nutritional value of the food they are selling on the menus. This is a direct implication the client will have a sole decision as to which kind of food he should eat. The justification once ready they are submitted to the Food and Drug association for implementation.The report involves a scrutiny on all the chain restaurants businesses which have over 20 branches nationwide. This is with a firm believe that these restaurants have the greatest share of the food market in the united states of America and taking control of the food industry at their level is managing what the Americans eat. This has been propelled by the fact that modern people want easy readymade food for take away. Small restaurants have not been left out but they were also checked to find out the efforts they were inputting in seeing the dream of safe food for all come true.Several methods where put in place to see that the whole