Restoration Project Management and Planning

This project is part of an ambitious 2.5 million restoration project by English Heritage. However, to make this project successful MD of the construction company has contracted our team to develop and manage this project. In this case, the present report will offer a detailed analysis of the development and implementation of the new planning and handling strategy for the corporate for the successful completion of the project.
English Heritage has initiated a project to restore the Arbours and Avery in the lost Elizabethan Knott Garden at Kenilworth Castle with a budget of 2.5 million restoration project. However, immediately after the beginning of the project problems and difficulties have appeared ineffective handling and management of the project. The main problems appeared are the technical problem through the Arbour’s complex construction whereby the unusual architect’s specification has proven to be flawed. The project stopped due to the failure to meet the quality and health as well as safety standards set. Here we also view problems of hidden costs prompting individuals to look for shortcuts that are not being captured by the project tracking, means there is no visibility of actions. Therefore the overall project has turned out to be a mess in case of its development.
After viewing all potential problems in effective handling and managing the project, we are going to propose new project management initiatives and planning tasks to effectively manage this project.
The main business need is to improve and augment the overall capabilities of the business to uphold the corporate identity in the market. In this scenario, our construction company desires to enhance its business credibility in the overall market. Thus, this project is very impotent for our company in enhancing the business capability of managing and handling complex business projects.