Rethinking Health and Body Cultures Ways in Which Some Bodies Are Problematised in Sport

The contemporary sports although have been modified to suit the participation of disabled bodies, there are certain missing links that do not allow complete participation of disabled persons. To some extent, the disabled who are capable of participating also have trouble in their bid to excel just as those without disabilities. The disabled bodies are therefore problematized within the contemporary sports that have been much advanced and improved (Markula and Kennedy, 2011: pg. 211).

The best way to understand how disabled bodies are affected when it comes to contemporary sports is to examine the level of emphasis that has been given to the issue of disability. It has become not only a medical concern but a social and a political concern as well (Wellard, 2009: pg. 59). The last few decades have seen a growing interest in the understanding of the dimensions of disablements. The major issue on disability has been surrounded by the inclusion of disabled persons in different categories of sensory, physical, or intellectual. The mainstream sports have in the past ignored the potentials that are exhibited by the disabled persons in participating in sports. Political main players and policymakers alike realized the need to include people with disabilities in mainstream sports.

There are profound changes in the attitudes and lifestyles brought about by disability at any age that it occurs whether it is inborn or occurs at growth and development. Accidents or illness may be the cause of disability that occurs to someone in the course of life. This may not affect only the disabled person but friends and families as well (Woodward, 1997: pg. 348). If someone was a sports personality, the dream fades immediately the disability is confirmed.&nbsp.This brings a lot of mental and psychological disturbance that may further worsen the degree of recovery to normalcy.