Review of the Unstoppable by Ralph Nader

The essay "Review of the book Unstoppable by Ralph Nader" analyses the plot of the book concerning the fighting against the deep influence of the corporations and their governmental advocates in the society. The paper also talks about the presented author’s theory of liberals and conservatives to be able to work together.
The book holds several strong points which are the positive aspects. The most positive aspect is that Nader has used some of his own experiences to reveal the victories of progressive and conservative forces united and how these victories have otherwise been unknown. He worked with the organizations in Washington and draws a closer picture to the observations on the basis of which he breaks a new ground for the coalitions that can help in overcoming obstacles that cause their division and how the power of these groups can be expanded to the courts and the public opinion.
The negative aspects of the book are some of the controversial issues that Nader has pointed out. The issues with the right-left alliance in Nader’s book can be divided into three categories. The first category is the centrist agenda. This idea presented by Nader is not controversial but it is criticized for being impossible to achieve in practice. Nader has given the theory about his idea surrounding many of the issues but he hasn’t described its practical approach. The second category is the right on agenda. This is controversial as it includes the adjustment of the minimum wage to inflation automatically.