Revolution of the American Health Care Industry

From this discussion it is clear that&nbsp.America has undergone six eras of healthcare reforms namely the charitable era, government era, consumerism era, educational era, insurance era, and the managed care era. The health care of the United States began evolving even before the America was founded, particularly the charitable era. During the charitable era, healthcare institutions such as hospitals and dispensaries were non-existent. Most of the patients depended on well-wishers and charity organizations to take care of their medical needs.
This essay discusses that&nbsp.the physicians used primitive medical procedures in treating patients and they often offered free services. Then came the dictation era during which the United States introduced medical education as a way of equipping the health physicians with the requisite medical skills. America underwent major revolution during this era in terms of the institutionalization of the health care industry Ehrenreich, B., &amp. English, D.&nbsp.The federal government had provided leeway for organizations and health care insurers to operate. In essence, such organizations operated without any plan and the dispensaries available faced many challenges along the way.&nbsp.From the late 20the century onwards, the managed care movement advocated for the reduction of the cost of providing health care services in the United Sates. In addition, managed healthcare has seen the improvement of the quality of health care services in America.