Rewarding Volunteers



The paper tells that in order to attract and motivate volunteers, organizations need to come up with effective volunteer management programs that will ensure those individuals are always motivated and at the same time they gain some skills while offering their services to the organization. A comprehensive training program needs to be established to ensure the quality of services that they offer is acceptable and at the same time add value to the volunteers to make them more knowledgeable in their line of specialization thus ensuring they become more attractive to employers in the job market. Understaffing at the online university can be traced to some reasons but the primary factor is the lack of strategic planning. It is prudent that prior to the implementation of the program it ought to have conducted a feasibility study to ascertain that it will meet all the requirements that will see the program running smoothly. Ideally, personnel is the most valuable resource in any organization thus firms have to give it the priority during planning since without the workers who will be implementing the organizational objectives nothing meaningful will be accomplished. Thus, it is evident that poor strategic planning was the key issue that culminated to understaffing at the online university since it is prudent that if the organization did not have sufficient funds to implement the entire program it had to wait until the moment it had acquired all the necessary resources before deploying the program.