Rhetorical analysis of Alicias Keys song If I Ain’t Got You



The researcher states that the lyrics of a song are almost told in complete sentences and they are told in figures of speeches to better narrate what the artist wanted to tell in the song.&nbsp. The first paragraph meant that people are now getting materialistic and vain that they only live for fortune, fame, power, game and physical things. The artist had been there and realized that these are empty endeavors because what matter is how beautiful the person is inside. This means that the artist only wanted the person that she loves because it is all that really matters in this world. The diamond rings are only symbolic of the superficiality that the song already detest that it really meant nothing. Alicia Keys only meant beauty as a vain basis for love when she wrote about the fountain that promises forever young. The roses and the silver platter are only a way to impress her but it is meaningless when it cannot be shared with the person she loves. The music video is the visual narrative of the song. In the opening scene of the video, there were men carrying a big piano which seems to have been bought by Alicia Keys fiancé (while alternating with her playing the piano). The choice of piano and not other material things is symbolic that what matters most are what is inside which in this case, music and love as represented by the piano. Of course, she was delighted when she saw it and they kissed manifesting their love for each other. It can be observed that the apartment was empty except for the piano which figuratively explains that material things were not that important as told in the lyrics. Scenes displaying money and diamonds in a drawer were shown later inside a regular clothing drawer against the background “so full of superficial”. The succeeding scenes showed alternate of Alicia Keys singing and the lovers expressing their love for each other and how happy they are being together. It also showed the struggle of couples in the scene in the kitchen where they eventually argued with the man leaving.