Rhetoricalanalysis of the new jim crow

The author has used rhetorical tools to emphasize how overt racial prejudices have become criminal offences but they are still covertly practiced within the system. It ultimately makes it difficult for people with color to become part of mainstream society and forces them to live like a second class citizen in their own country.
The article becomes hugely pertinent because it underpins the issues that permanently stereotyped people of color into criminals that socially and legally discourages them to live with dignity. The text is also important because despite constitutional rights, the people of color are still vulnerable to the Jim Crow rules that deny them legitimate rights of a citizen. Stereotyping colored people has resulted in mass incarceration that helps to impose social control on them. The author has therefore, used rhetorical tools like ethos, pathos and logos to not only inform public about the subtle Jim Crow rules within the judicial system but also about the repercussion on the society that adds to the woes of the vulnerable. Throughout the article, author has been consistently using rhetorical approach to communicate important message or information to the target group or the public.
The ethos applied in the article gives credibility to the author and convinces the reader about the authenticity of the text. It informs that the author holds a job of high repute. She is ‘director of the Racial Justice Project for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California’. Using the ethical paradigm of introducing herself as an esteemed public figure, the author has established her credibility. She also succinctly apprises the audience about her experience in working on ‘issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and drug-law enforcement in poor communities of color’ This is important information as it gives inkling about her experience and assures the readers that whatever she is talking