Rococo Neoclassicism and Romanticism

The focus on the scientific discovery that resulted in the industrial revolution made a steady alteration on the prevailing economic structure in the western world.
The main ideas and inspiration behind the Neoclassicism were music and theater, which were either principally or impassive form. Qualities that are emphasized by corresponding Romantic style were a strong emotion, admiration of nature and break from corresponding subsequent inflexible structure (Janson &amp. Anthony, 234-367). Artists within the Realist duration mainly conveyed a ingenious and objective vision in regard to contemporary life.
Work of art from Neoclassicism is Painting that mainly corresponded with the underlying 18th-century enlightenment epoch and extended in the early 19th century (Janson &amp. Anthony, 234-367). Neoclassical painting is mainly characterized by the utilization of straight lines, smooth paint surface, and minimal utilization of color, an illustration of underlying light and corresponding distinct, crunchy description of the forms. Moreover, Neoclassicism was mainly procreated from corresponding methods within Paris in regard to the underlying history painting.