Roger Williams Quotation

This letter, which was written in 1655, explains fully his views of religious freedom. He also elaborates on how religious corruption in government, creates difficulties in religion. According to him, all people should have equal rights to be associated with the religion they choose, and their rights should be protected by the law. The government should, therefore, have no control over whether one is a church follower or not. God did not love some people more than others and, people should live together as a community according to Williams’ belief.The ship used in this quote symbolizes the society that existed at that time. This, therefore, showed that all different religions should be able to live without separation or disagreement in a society. It is assumed by different theologians and scholars that William used the ship as a symbol because he used a ship to travel to the Western Hemisphere, where he was able to attain the freedom of religion. William was very strong in what he had believed and therefore, he was able to launch the First Baptist church in Providence. He also initiated a colony of religious minorities. which was, by then, known as Providence Plantation.William’s idea of religious freedom has a great impact on the society today. Every person should have freedom of choice on which religion he or she should follow. The intervention of the state and the government, as William states, brings more problem than what people should experience in religion. This means that belief of an individual should not be dependent on rules of the state and should, therefore, be protected by the law. I, to a great extent, support his idea of the ship, which symbolizes living together as a community of different religions despite the fact that they have different beliefs. This is Christian value that should be emulated by every person.