Role of Transportation Security Agency in Protecting American Skies

For this purpose, a detailed program and proposal has been developed that will help in understanding the research approach pertaining to the role of Transportation Security Agency in safeguarding millions of lives amidst skies (Special Investigations Div (2004)The thesis aims at highlighting the role of the Transportation Security Agency in Protecting American Skies. It also aims at assessing and analyzing the proposed initiatives along with identifying the overall benefits, advantages and significance in the social environment.The thesis has been designed in a systematic manner covering different issues pertaining to the transportation security agency in the global environment often laced with a number of challenges to deal with. The thesis has been divided into different chapters and each chapter offers a deep insight over the subject matter in an illustrative manner.Over the years, there have been a number of issues pertaining to the safety and security of people across the world while traveling through railways, airways and waterways. Governments across the world have been developing effective strategies and governing bodies to safeguard the interest of millions of people located n different parts of the world. With terrorist attacks haunting the peace and life of people, effective security and safety measures became a basic and important need in the social environment. The 9/11 terrorist attack was a major setback for the government of the United States questioning its security and safety policies. The creation of the Transportation Security Agency was in response to the September, 11, 2011 attacks.This clearly shows that the government was either complacent or a little worried about the safety and security of its people. Terrorist attacks can happen at any time and in any part of the world.