Romeo and Juliet All Study Guide Questions and Answers

Act 1 scene 1: Who is battling toward the start of the principal scene? workers of the Capulets and the MontaguesAct 1 scene 1: Who attempts to separate the battling?BenvolioAct 1 scene 1: What risk does the Prince make to Lord Montague and Lord Capulet?That the following individual to begin an open fight will be killedAct 1 scene 1: Benvolio and Montague depict the manner in which Romeo has been acting.Bleak, cries a great deal, not talking, seclusiveAct 1 scene 1: Why is Romeo so miserable? He has pathetic loveAct 1 scene 1: What is Benvolio’s recommendation to Romeo?To move and locate another young ladyAct 1 scene 2: Why does Capulet figure it will be simple for Montague and him to keep the harmony? Since they are both old and tiredAct 1 scene 2: What does Paris ask of Capulet?Juliet’s deliver marriageAct 1 scene 2: What is Capulet’s first answer?No, she is excessively youthfulAct 1 scene 2: Somewhat later, Capulet seems to alter his perspective on Paris’ inquiry.What does he tell Paris?Paris must win her heart, and Juliet must concur. At that point, he will wed themAct 1 scene 2: What is the name of the lady Romeo adores?RosalineAct 1 scene 2: Where do Romeo and Benvolio choose to go?Go to the gatheringAct 1 scene 3: When Lady Capulet gets some information about the marriage, what is Juliet’s answer?Its a respect she dreams not ofAct 1 scene 3: Following Juliet’s answer, what does the Lady Capulet then tell Juliet?Those numerous children get hitched and have children at her age, even Lady Capulet, and she is to go to the gathering and take a gander at ParisAct 1 Scene 4: What does Mercutio say about dreams?That fantasies amount to nothingAct 1 scene 5: What does Romeo consider Juliet when he first sees her?That he has not seen genuine excellence till this nightAct 1 scene 5: When Tybalt is prepared to hold onto Romeo and set up him out of the gathering, what does Capulet say to Romeo?To leave him alone, for Verona talks great of himAct 1 scene 5: Explain what the discussion is about among Romeo and JulietLooking at kissing and pilgrims handsAct 1 scene 5: How does Romeo get some answers concerning Juliet’s name?He asks the Nurse, and she lets him knowAct 1 scene 5: How does Juliet get some answers concerning Romeo’s last name?The medical attendant discovers it out for herAct 2 scene 1: What is Romeo’s new issue? He cherishes a CapuletAct 2 scene 2: In lines 109-111, Juliet asks Romeo not to depend on the moon… for what reason would she say she fears this?The moon continually changes, and she doesn’t need Romeo’s emotions to changeAct 2 scene 2: What is simply the main way that Juliet will offer herself to Romeo if they get hitched?Act 2 scene 3: What does Romeo request that Friar Lawrence do?Towed them (Romeo and Juliet)Act 2 scene 3: Why does Friar consent to wed the two youthful sweethearts?It might stop their families fightsAct 2 scene 4: Why has the medical attendant gone to the square?To get some answers concerning the wedding plansAct 2 scene 4: What data does Romeo give the Nurse?Where and when the wedding will beAct 2 scene 4: Mercutio prods the Nurse, and she is offended. What does Romeo say about Mercutio to quiet her down?That he jumps at the chance to hear himself talkAct 2 scene 4: What does Romeo send to Juliet?Their wedding plansAct 2 scene 5: What is Juliet’s state of mind as she hangs tight for the Nurse’s arrival?She is on edgeAct 2 scene 6: A Romeo and Friar Lawrence anticipates Juliet, what does the Friar caution Romeo about Love Moderately?Act 3 scene 1: Who greets (approach/address) Benvolio and Mercutio and why?Tybalt and he is searching for RomeoAct 3 scene 1: How does Tybalt incite a battle?He insults Romeo and gets him outAct 3 scene 1: When Romeo shows up, for what reason does he will not acknowledge Tybalt’s duel?Since Tybalt is currently his family and he wouldn’t like to hurt JulietAct 3 scene 1: Why does Romeo’s answer make Tybalt considerably increasingly disturbed?Since he feels as though Romeo is ridiculing himAct 3 scene 1: Who winds up really beginning the battle?MercutioAct 3 scene 1: Who attempts to stop the battle? What occurs from this intercession?Romeo. Mercutio gets cut in the heart under Romeo’s armAct 3 scene 1: Who does Mercutio say is to be accused of him getting cut?RomeoAct 3 scene 1: What revile does Mercutio get out before he kicks the bucket?A plague on both your homesAct 3 scene 1: Benvolio helps Mercutio into a close-by house. At the point when he returns what does he tell Romeo Mercutio is deadAct 3 scene 1: What does Romeo do after he is recounted Mercutio’s destiny He executes TybaltAct 3 scene 1: Who rebuffs Romeo, and what is his destiny?The Prince. and Romeo is ousted from Verona. On the off chance that he is seen in Verona, he is as executed on the spotAct 3 scene 1: Why does the Prince show benevolence upon Romeo?Since enough blood and tears have been shed on that dayAct 3 scene 2: Where is Juliet, and what is she sitting tight for?Her room. The Nurse to come back with an expression of Romeo (he should come into her room that night)Act 3 scene 2: When the Nurse shows up, what does she illuminate Juliet of?Tybalt’s demise and Romeo’s expulsionAct 3 scene 2: At the start of this scene, what is the emotional incongruity? (At the point when the Nurse says there were a demise and an expulsion)Juliet thinks Romeo is dead and Tybalt is expelled when it is the opposite way aroundAct 3 scene 2: What does Juliet say that hints her own demise? (in the wake of reasoning that Romeo dead however discovered that she is mixed up)She would prefer to pass on than have Romeo slaughteredAct 3 scene 2: Why does Juliet request that the Nurse pull up the stepping stool right now? (in the wake of becoming aware of Romeo’s expulsion)Since Romeo is exiled, he can’t go to her room any longerAct 3 scene 2: What requests does Juliet provide for the Nurse?Got to Romeo and offer him her ring as a hint that she despite everything adores himAct 3 scene 3: Where is Romeo (after he executes Tybalt)?Monk Lawrence’s cellAct 3 scene 3: What does the Friar mean by, Thous workmanship married to disaster?Catastrophe follows Romeo, and he is bound to itAct 3 scene 3: What is Romeo’s response to being expelled? Is it true that he is eased?He is despondent. He feels that demise is better than being ousted for he can’t live without JulietAct 3 scene 3: What is the Friar’s response to Romeo when he says that demise is superior to expulsion?He is infuriated on the grounds that he feels that Romeo ought to be upbeat that leniency was given to him and he can at present keep his lifeAct 3 scene 3: Why does the Friar chide Romeo?Since he ought to be appreciative for his life was savedAct 3 scene 3: What is the most exceedingly awful piece of Romeo’s discipline for Romeo?He can never again observe or be with JulietAct 3 scene 3: What is Romeo’s response to the thump at the entryway (when he is in the Friar’s cell and is sobbing about his discipline)He couldn’t care less who sees himWho appears in the Friars cell?The NurseAct 3 scene 3: According to the Nurse, what is both Romeo and Juliet doing right now?They are both cryingAct 3 scene 3: What does Romeo attempt to do as he moans over his circumstance?He gets the blade and attempts to murder himselfAct 3 scene 3: As Romeo is despondently (and after he attempts to execute himself), what does the Nurse give Romeo, and what is its importance?She gives him Juliet’s wedding band. This means she needs to be with RomeoAct 3 scene 3: How does Romeo respond to Juliet’s message from the Nurse?He feels ease that Juliet despite everything needs to be with himAct 3 scene 3: What plan does the Friar propose to Romeo?Support Juliet. Departure to Mantua, and sit tight for more news on an arrangementAct 3 scene 4: What is Paris talking about with Capulet and Lady Capulet?His proposition for Juliet’s submit marriageAct 3 scene 3: Does Capulet concur? (to let Paris have Juliet’s submit marriage)Indeed, for it may facilitate Tybalt’s passingAct 3 scene 4: Does Lord Capulet think Juliet will concur?IndeedAct 3 scene 4: What is the sensational incongruity right now? (at the point when Paris and the Capulet’s are talking about Juliet’s marriage)Romeo and Juliet are resting together upstairs while Paris and the Capulet’s are talking about Juliets marriage first floorAct 3 scene 5: Does Lady Capulet feel for Juliet? What does she tell Juliet?No, and she reveals to her that shes washed her hands from the issue (which means she needs nor has anything to do with this make a difference)Act 3 scene 5: Who does Juliet choose to go to for help? (multiple times various individuals)From the start, she goes to the Nurse yet when she doesn’t hear the reaction she needs she goes to the FriarAct 3 scene 5: What is the Nurse’s recommendation to Juliet?To wed Paris for he’s a superior catch and since Romeo is expelled her on a par with deadAct 3 scene 5: Why lords Capulet accept that Juliet will not wed Paris He believes she’s carelessAct 3 scene 5: What will be Juliet’s discipline on the off chance that she doesn’t wed ParisShe will be abandoned and left in the city to bite the dustAct 3 scene 5: Where is Juliet going toward the finish of Act 3 and why? (subsequent to hearing Nurse’s recommendation) Friar Lawrence’s phone and to request guidanceAct 3 scene 5: Where does Juliet tell everybody she is going? AdmissionsAct 4 scene 1: What is Paris doing in the Friar’s cellParis is getting some information about his future marriage with JulietAct 4 scene 1: What clarification does Paris give for the rushed marriage plans? He needs Juliet to disregard her misery over Tybalt’s passingAct 4 scene 1: Who shows up at the Friar’s cell? (at the point when Paris and Friar Lawrence are discussing Juliet’s and Paris’ marriage)JulietAct 4 scene 1: What is the Friars plan for Romeo and Juliet?They will counterfeit Juliet’s demise by giving her a mixture that places her in the condition of death, which she will take the night prior to her wedding, and they will send a letter to Romeo about their arrangement. After they cover her in her families gravesite Romeo will come and get her then they will get away from togetherAct 4 scene 1: What is the Friar’s job in the arrangement?He will have word sent to Romeo, he will set up the mixture for Juliet to take, and afterward, he will be a cleric at the memorial serviceAct 4 scene 1: What is Juliet grasping, and what does she propose to do?She is holding a blade and says that if the mixture doesn’t work, she will wound herself with the knifeAct 4 scene 2: When Juliet gets back, what’s going on?The wedding is being set up forAct 4 scene 2: What does Juliet reveal to her FatherThat she is sorry for her conduct and will wed ParisAct 4 scene 2: How does Capulet react to Juliet, saying she will cheerfully wed Paris?He moves the wedding to a closer dateAct 4 scene 2: How does Capulet’s reaction place a wrinkle in Friar Lawrence’s arrangement?By moving the hour of the wedding to a closer date, there is less time to get word to Romeo about their arrangementAct 4 scene 3: Does Juliet trust the Nurse? Why or why not?No, Juliet never again believes the Nurse, and she may part with the arrangementAct 4 scene 3: What considerations go through Juliet’s mind as she is going to take the mixture? (4 things)Imagine a scenario where it doesn’t work. What is the mixture really executes her. What is she gets up to ahead of schedule and chokes? What are the dead spirits of her predecessors frequent her and make her crazy as she is hanging tight for RomeoAct 4 scene 3: What invigorates Juliet to take the elixir?The idea of seeing and being with Romeo once moreAct 4 scene 3: Who does Juliet toast as she is going to take the toxin?RomeoAct 4 scene 5: After Juliet’s passing, for what reason does the Friar propose that nature’s tears are explanation behind’s cheer? It is safe to say that he is proposing that the Capulets ought to be glad? What’s more, why?Truly, he says they ought to be glad for she is in paradise nowAct 5 scene 1: What news does Romeo’s worker Balthazar, who shows up from Verona, let him know?That Juliet is deadAct 5 scene 1: What does the peruser realize that Balthazar doesn’t?That Juliet’s demise was totally faked and that she is really aliveAct 5 scene 1: What letter has Romeo been sitting tight for?The letter from Friar Lawrence disclosing to Romeo progressively about the arrangement for him and JulietAct 5 scene1: Romeo intends to come back to Verona. where does he stop, and what does he purchase before leaving? He stops at a pharmacist and purchases a savage toxinAct 5 scene 1: (When Romeo take hold of the toxic substance) Why does Romeo say that the abominable (poison) can’t harm, however a fluid that will GIVE him lifeSince when he kicks the bucket it will give him an everlasting existence with JulietAct 5 scene 2: Where does Friar Lawrence rapidly hustle?To the Capulets landmark where Juliet liesAct 5 scene 2: Why is it basic that Friar Lawrence discovers Juliet before Romeo does?Since Romeo might be too rash and slaughter himselfAct 5 scene 3: Where does this scene happen? (where Romeo and Paris experience one another) Juliets gravesite. Capulet’s landmarkAct 5 scene 3: Who shows up at the tomb while the others are grieving?ParisAct 5 scene 3: What has Paris come to do?Improve the Capulet landmark with blossomsAct 5 scene 3: How does Romeo say after observing Paris?Romeo says he should pass on and that is the reason he has comeAct 5 scene 3: What does Paris believe that Romeo is attempting to do? misuse the collection of JulietAct 5 scene 3: What happens to Paris?He bites the dust from Romeo’s handAct 5 scene 3: What does Paris solicitation of Romeo before he bites the dust?To be laid in Juliets graveAct 5 scene 3: Why does Romeo truly need to hustle now?The page sees Romeo murder Paris and goes to tell the guardAct 5 scene 3: When Romeo at long last observes Juliet lying there, what does her notification about her?That she doesn’t generally look dead and that her cheeks and lips are turning redAct 5 scene 3: What does Romeo do directly before he takes the toxic substance?He kisses JulietAct 5 scene 3: What does Romeo do after he kisses Juliet? (as he is next to Juliet)He takes the toxic substanceAct 5 scene 3: When does Juliet wake up?After Romeo kicks the bucketAct 5 scene 3: When the Friar enters, and Juliet is alert, what is his recommendation to her?For her to turn into a cloister adherentAct 5 scene 3: What was the blemish that crushed Romeo?ThoughtlessnessAct 5 scene 3: What are simply the two different ways Juliet endeavors to execute herself?By kissing Romeo, she planned to allow a portion of the toxin too, however that fizzled. She, at that point, took her blade and cut herself.Act 5 scene 3: Does the Friar acknowledge obligation regarding his job right now?No, he attempts to put a portion of the fault on the NurseAct 5 scene 3: What do Capulet and Montague consent to do in Romeo and Juliet’s respect?Capulet will gove Montague the wedding rights (land, money, and so on.) and Montague will fabricate a gold statue made inJuliet’s picture