Ronald Reagan work in Cannon Diggin

Several biographers have written a lot about Reagan as a president as well as his earlier and later life. This paper shall attempt to put in relation to one another the historical and philosophical presuppositions written by some of his biographers.
Michael Schaller is one of the acclaimed historians of the United States political right. In his writings, he offers the readers a detailed account of Ronald Reagan’s life and achievements. This, he does right form Reagan’s upbringing in the rural Illinois to his success in Hollywood, entry into the American politics as a governor, to his later rise to the White House. In his writing, Schaller documents that Ronald Reagan was born to John Edward and Nelle Wilson on 6th 1911 in Illinois. His father, who was fondly known as Jack struggled with alcoholism and often forced his family to move frequently ahead of the bill collector (Schaller 2). This resulted to the family moving to several small towns within Illinois and briefly to Chicago before a final settlement in Dixon. Through constant encouragements from his mother, Reagan participated in sports and dram as a teenage in school. In college, Reagan majored in sociology and economics (Schaller 10). Later in life, Reagan associated the success of his life to his happy childhood. Peggy Noon, one of Reagan’s most effective White House writers, described Reagan’s outward amicability as a fruit of his childhood life. According to her, Reagan found it his duty to make other people happy.
The biographer Sean Wilentz also writes that Reagan spent all his life trying to be someone else. He says that the small boy became a Hollywood actor, the open-minded democrat became a republic conformist, and the citizen superstar became governor and later president. Reagan graduated from collge in 1932 and secured a job as a sports announcer of a radio. As a youth,