Ronald Reagans

Defense and foreign policy by Ronald Reagan After America was over with an expensive Vietnam War of 1975, the country was in need of overhaul of the economy, military buildup and needed to improve public morale. Reagan campaign signaled what many thought that the country was in dire need for in order to retain its superpower glory again. The US felt humiliated by Vietnam War and Soviet Union looks the powerful as they were relentlessly putting more effort in their mission to conquer Afghanistan. At that time American military was characterized by low morale, pay, outdated equipments and zero maintenance on the little they had. Islamists groups were becoming stronger an aspect that increased the Americans concern due to their ailing economy (Historical times, 2011). In 1980, the country was in need of a leader who was to reform the economy. Peace through strength slogan by the conservative popularized the party and as a result Ronald Reagan was elected. The slogan supported military strength which was aimed at creating peaceful international relations in the world (Snyder &amp. Brown, 1997, p. 45).
After he took power he invested heavily on military buildup in order to wear down the soviet that had attained much power. By the time he stepped down, the military budget has been expanded to 44% increase. This increased thousands of troops, more advanced war equipments and even an advanced intelligence program. The program was of great importance as it returned America back to its military position. There is no country that can develop its economy when it is not guaranteed that the state of security is high. This is because investors fear to invest in a country where their capital is not secure (Hodge &amp. Nolan, 2007, p.343). As a result, America recorded tremendous growth as investors were ready to invest in the country as security of their investment was guaranteed. The benefits of this economic growth and military superiority are being experienced even in current decade (Hodge &amp. Nolan, 2007).
Reagan two terms marked a new and dramatic era of innovation. Due to the funds that the government set aside for innovation, many innovators were encouraged to come up with new innovative ideas that were aimed at improving country’s security and economic growth. The innovation era was not just in America but even in other countries especially in the soviet as they tried to keep with Americans. This saw them falling into a budget deficit (Hodge &amp. Nolan, 2007).
Massive military expenditure enabled the government to avoid war. This was through scaring off their enemies due to huge investment that was directed towards military buildup. Much of the current military arms power is mainly a legacy of Reagan years (Historical times, 2011).
The expenditure by President Reagan on military superiority led to high American debt. Since then, the country has been suffering economically as it is trying to pay this long term debt. Nevertheless some of the projects that were started by President Reagan are now operational e.g. modern aircraft that is dubbed as USS Ronald Reagan (Historical times, 2011).
Internationally, Reagan defense and foreign policy led to increased armament of different countries as they feared attacks from America. This has led to current weapons of high mass destruction. This move created tension among different countries therefore destabilizing peace in the world (Historical times, 2011)
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