Royal Caribbean

The current system does not allow for the ship crew to effectively keep track of their passengers. This proposal will offer the development of a DSS to assist in the activity of decision making by providing a list of possible options and tools to improve the ultimate effectiveness of the decision outcome. The DSS will help be helpful in decision making through its capacity to process large information that were encountered during the course of decision making.
This proposal identifies the goals and problem definition of the proposed DSS. The proposed DSS will require a decision rule in order to select among alternatives and solution to the problem. This decision rule requires gathering of data and information such as: customer satisfaction surveys, estimated cost of each alternative, feasibility estimations, initial customer feedback regarding each alternative, and current rates of missing passengers
Royal Caribbean is mysteriously losing passengers during the trip and while at port. The current system does not allow for the ship crew to effectively keep track of their passengers. This is causing lost goodwill with current and future customers as well as bad publicity. …
The publicity of passengers not boarding the boat at time of departure can have a negative impact on ticket sales, revenue, market share, etc.
2. A relevant improved situation.
The proposed DSS will assist Royal Caribbean in deciding among four possible alternatives.. Once a selection has been done, this new system will eliminate the current major problem that the company is facing, and thus will encourage more sales and revenue, and regained its reputation as one of the best company in the shipping industry.
3. The differences between the current and an improved situation.
The company have identified four possible alternatives in order to cope with the current problem. A decision has to be made on which among the four options will have the best result in terms of overall effectiveness, based on organized data collections and models.
4. Possible (feasible) changes available to the organization.
There will be changes in the overall company procedures and guidelines within the organization. Implementation of the DSS to support the decision making process is a big change among the organizations and its passengers. The best way to avoid resistance to change is to clearly explain the reason for the change and respect the viewpoints of other people. A clear vision and strategy for implementation will have a positive support and avoid restrictions within the organization.
5. A succinct, goal oriented problem definition statement.
To design a DSS to determine the best way to keep track of passengers on and off the ship is the company’s goal oriented problem definition