Safety program

Four major aspects that Plant XYZ manufactures safety action plan will take into consideration includes creating a change, safety and health payoffs, management system and S&amp. H integration as well as doing a safety and health check up. As indicated by the Plant XYZ 1998 estimated direct and indirect costs, the company incurred $984,000 in the first four months. This figure is high and therefore this action plan is focused at putting in place effective measure to enable the company attain the OSHA VPP Star Certification in 2 years in addition to reducing incidents rates by 50%.
Commitment by managers
The first step that I will include in my action plan as the safety manager is to ensure that manager’s commitment towards safety is maintained. It is worth to note that the safety committee is keen on maintaining safety responsibilities. As a safety manager my main role will to first understand why accidents occur within the company premises and how the safety committee dealt with past cases of accidents. This will be followed by studying all the minutes of the meetings held by safety committee prior to my appointment. To ensure that all the employees are conversant with the safety policy, my action plan will entail establishing safety rules that will be presented to safety committee in 2 weeks time.