Same sex schools

Same sex schools There are considerable studies and debates regarding the issue on co-ed schools and same-sex schools. Some experts argue that same-sex schools are better than co-ed schools while others argue in the opposite way. However, there are some truths to each of these ideas. Undoubtedly, there are both advantages and disadvantages between the two systems of education. What is essential to look at is whether the advantages could outweigh the disadvantages such as in same-sex schools. As we all know that intelligence is not only measured on academic achievements alone but also with emotional state of a person
Although same-sex schools have the advantage over co-ed schools in terms of academic excellence. Its disadvantages outweigh those advantages. For example in female same-sex schools, females don not have to struggle with their gender identities and thus can concentrate on their schooling. Girls no longer have to ask. "is my hair ok How does my makeup look Am I going to look like a geek if I answer another question Do I have to play sports to impress the girls" (Fidelman) In contrast, adolescents in co-ed schools are always flooded with these issues on their mind instead of concentrating on their academic lessons which should be the most essential task (Fidelman).
Disadvantages of same sex schools
However, the disadvantages of same-sex schools are far more plenty than its advantages. Schools should be a training ground to enable the students to be ready for the real world. In the real world, not only female dominate the world. In same-sex schools, emphasis is usually on female role model. The students’ role models for best teachers are female, their role models for best athletes are female and the list goes on. Furthermore, single sex education is inconsistent with the goals of this nation’s public school system to develop an educated population able to transcend barriers of race and gender in society" (Single sex education is an unwise policy). "This is the argument of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund and the ACLU of Michigan which filed suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of four girls seeking to have the single-sex schools enjoined" (Single sex education is an unwise policy). Additionally, more studies show that only female will benefit from same-sex education while boys will not (Single sex education is an unwise policy).
"Pupils felt co-education also leads to improved social and personal development. Both girls and boys in co-ed school said they were more self-confident, well-balanced and better equipped to make new friends than their counterparts in single-sex schools" (Why co-education). Friendships occur in natural manner among pupils in co-ed schools because most activities and clubs allows both female and male pupils to participate in a supervised manner (Why co-education). This environment as we all know is a replica of the world outside the school which is not present in same-sex schools. "Co-education is the most realistic way of training young girls and boys to take their places naturally in the wider community of men and women because a mixed school is a natural imitation of the outside world" (Why co-education). And finally, another advantage of co-education schools over same-sex schools which is not present in same-sex schools is that the entire members of the family such as brothers and sisters can attend in the same school. This will give the pupils the opportunity to "know their own brothers and sisters at a much deeper level than would otherwise have been possible (Why co-education).
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