Sample Size Determination



Since it is uneconomical to include in research the whole population in the study, it is therefore important to choose a convenient fraction from the population of the study to constitute sample size. The survey system developed a sample size calculator that plays a critical role in determining the effectiveness of the sample size to be used to generate reliable information and characteristics of the population. In terming the sample size, the level of confidence and confidence interval are very important variables that must be considered (Snedecor, 2009). For instance, at 95% level of confidence with a confidence interval of 5, from a population of 100, a sample size of 80 would be appropriate in generating the desired characteristics about the entire population. A confidence interval is the measure of the marginal error that is acceptable. On the other hand, the confidence level is the measure of accuracy and reliability of the results. At 95% confidence level, the certainty is the outcome is acceptable at 95% (Dattalo, 2008).&nbsp.