Critical ThinkingUnit 8 Sample Assignment (The instructions are included in parenthesis to guide you through the assignment. You may delete the parenthetical sections before submitting your work. Please do not use “track changes” in the template, as this makes it difficult for your instructor to read and you may be asked to resubmit.) Student’s name: Gregor Samsa Date: July 3, 2019Instructor’s name: Max Brod Quotation: “You are free, that is why you are lost.” -Franz KafkaDo you agree or disagree with the statement? I agree with this statement. How do you interpret the statement? I believe Kafka means that with our freedom of opportunities, we can feel lost and without purpose. Introduction: Freedom is a remarkable gift. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in my life. Now that I am pursuing a new degree field, I expect to have new doors open for me. However, sometimes I can feel overwhelmed because if anything is possible, then I may be unsure of which path to take. We must all appreciate our freedom, and consider it a chance for becoming who we are. Because we may feel overcome with too many options, it is important to be grateful and consider who we truly are and who we were meant to be. We must use our freedom to help us find our path. Main point 1: I am inspired and intrigued by Dr. Peter Attia, who hosts a podcast called “The Drive.” Dr. Attia was an engineer, a surgeon, an ultra-marathon swimmer, and now he has a practice specializing in helping people achieve longevity. Dr. Attia pushed himself hard to achieve his academic goals at Ivy League schools, but he kept searching for new ways to uncover his potential. He didn’t get stuck in one field and think, “Well, I put in the time to get here. I have to stay.” In his podcasts, he often talks about his insecurities and anxieties, which is a surprise to hear from someone so accomplished. Dr. Attia shows how freedom helped him to find his path, and his humility helps him to reach an audience of people beyond the highly-educated. Main point 2: My grandmother did not have the opportunities I did, as she and my grandfather worked on the family farm through the Dust Bowl. They suffered many hardships and did not get the chance to move beyond subsistence. My grandmother had always wanted to be a schoolteacher. When I would visit them as a child, she had great games and lessons she would offer me. I think she could have been an incredible teacher. I admire her dedication to do what they needed to survive, but I’ve always thought it was unfortunate that she did not get to do what her heart wanted. Main point 3: From the examples of Dr. Attia and my grandmother, I believe there are valuable ideas for using our freedom to become our best selves. First, it can be a good thing to have a variety of interests and to pursue what catches our attention. Dr. Attia has a very broad perspective because of his experiences, and this makes him interesting. However, he is also a reminder that one should be humble. Even if we achieve success in our lives, we won’t be able to share what we know if we don’t remain approachable. I also keep perspective to make the most of my opportunities because of my grandmother’s influence. It’s a good idea to remember people who have had things harder than we have, because even when things are a challenge, others may have more to overcome. It reminds me not to get too overwhelmed by possibilities and miss my calling, but to use this freedom and learn who I am. Conclusion: While Kafka tells us, “You are free, that is why you are lost,” we can manage to stay on track. Though humility, gratitude, and appreciation of our opportunities, we don’t have to be overwhelmed and wandering through the possibilities of our freedom. Keeping a positive perspective can point us to our best selves.