Samsung Smart Phones Patent Strategy

Samsung has been in “operation for over 70 years” through its diversified business operations, delivering innovative products (About Samsung, 1995). Especially in the smartphone industry, they have a commendable position in terms of “market share and growth” (About Samsung, 1995). Samsung always focuses its attention to develop an innovative product in Smart Phones with excellent features to maintain its competitive advantage over others in the industry. The “new trend in corporate competition has shifted” from price, quality and feature to intangible identity in terms of right, patent and design (9 Material Issues Patent, 2012). So it has become necessary to establish rigid patent strategies to protect “intellectual property rights” (9 Material Issues Patent, 2012).

Specifically, the device features a “combination of communication, video, and software” which is frequently subjected to the innovation cycle that entails patent competition (9 Material Issues Patent, 2012). Over the years, the instances of patent-related issues and disputes are rising in the US, Europe as well as other major economies of the world. By analyzing the trend it is clear that the war is only “going to accelerate more in future” (9 Material Issues Patent, 2012). Being one of the major players in the smartphone industry, Samsung is not free from patent-related disputes and issues.

Because of the growing concern over the design and right related issues, there exists ample scope for research on the present patent-related issues that Samsung may encounter and to suggest the ways and means overcome such challenges. Thus, the present research on the strategies that Samsung may formulate and implement is proposed. The research will begin by understanding the method of established patent protection procedures and formulate suitable patent strategies to avoid copying of Samsung’s new innovation by rivals.