Scene of Lamentation for Jesus Christ in Northern and Southern Renaissance



The essay "Scene of Lamentation for Jesus Christ in Northern and Southern Renaissance" concerns Lamentation’s Scene for Jesus in the context of Renaissance. Several particular features give hint on the fact that this picture can be attributed to Northern Renaissance. The material and the type of canvas are among the most obvious. Oil on panel was commonly used by Northern artists as it permitted to preserve brightness of colors for a long time. The painting is very detailed and vivid with elaborated landscape. Apparently, the author underlines human`s side of Jesus Christ showing his tortured body and concentrating on the minor details of it. Ribs that got visible through skin because of starving, injuries that bleed, closed eyes of a dead man- there is no presence of God on this picture as the author tells us that Christ was suffering as much as we did. Despair, sympathy and sorrow can be read on the faces of Christ`s followers who came to him. Nothing on the picture suggests that Christ will resurrect as he is portrayed as an ordinary human being who was suffering enormously. Massys does not concentrate nature in his painting, for him it is still the man and his suffering which matters the most but still the city o the background and the crosses thought-out ad realistic. Northern and Southern painting styles were different due to numerous reasons: they appeared in different geographical regions and were formed under the influence of different sources. Northern style was originated on the territory.