School Counseling

Question and their answer List 3 critical roles generally associated with school counselors A: Identifiable Capable Available And accountable
2. Why is consultation important in terms of counseling Ethics
A "The essence of a comprehensive school counseling program (is) to assure that each student has every possible opportunity to develop his or her potential" ("The essence of a comprehensive school counseling program (is) to assure that each student has every possible opportunity to develop his or her potential" (Schmidt, p. 107). And apart from this the concerns included ethical counseling are: bullying, divorce, child care, loneliness, relocation, stress, underachievers, child depression and suicide, child abuse, chronic and terminal illness, substance abuse, loss, violence and school phobia that affect a person significantly so, there has to be consultation to sort these issues out.
3. List a Specific situation that would mandate a breach of confidentiality
A: Talking about ethics, values, legal issues and emotional well being are all the issues that
mandate confidentiality but the when the information is coming from an immature minor
then that mandates a breach in the confidentiality.
4. In reporting suspicion of a child abuse what elements of the event(s) are essential to convey
A: Before reporting the incidence it is important that the child is given proper security and
Along with security the child should also be prepared for an interview
The child location, age, type of suspected abuse, if possible then the relationship of the
abuser with the child and the duration of abuse are important to be reported.
5. Make a list of (8) possible symptoms of depression that might present within a school environment
A: Lake of energy in children
Low grades of the children
Crying spells in children
Poor performance at extracurricular activities
Higher percentage of day offs from studies
Higher rate of sick leaves in children
Higher levels of anxiety in children
Poor growth and development in children
Poor performance at inter and intra schools competitions
Higher fight rates in children
Higher prod out number of children each year
6. When phoning a parent to convey important information, list the critical steps for effective communication of the situation
A: The first thing is to make sure is that the information should only be delivered to the
parent and no one else
It depends on the information but if it is regarding poor performance of the child or his/
her poor attitude at school then it is important to communicate it the way that it does not
cause a reactionary response from the child or the parent
It should be communicated the way that all the good and bad aspects of a child performance should be discussed.
They should be told that the good things are there and they are good but the bad things need to be focused at and they need to get improved
The talk should be such that the parent does not get very angry at the child rather this talk should be based on identifying the reason that are leading to that bad situation or making the parent identify them
In the end it should be emphasized that parents need to have a once a math or every 2 month meeting with the school counselor in order to know their children and their performance better.
7. Why are standards for school counselors important
A: The purpose of these counseling programs is to provide children with skills, carrier,
social and
personal counseling through academics in an active fashion in order for all of this to be
to the children it has to be in a standardized way to be acceptable without any
contradicting view
about these counseling techniques.
8. In the following scenarios indicate whether or not the situation is reportable for abuse. Briefly indicate the basis for your decision in each case
AA neighbor alleges that family arguments sound violent and that you as a school official
Should make a report since the children attend your school.
A: If it is a verbal communication amongst the parents at home while the children are away
then it should not be considered as an act of abuse. There could be healthy discussion in
which once one ends up arguing a lot then the chances that voices get louder is very
common but if it is happening on everyday basis while the children being around while
the parents confronting then that is a psychological and verbal abuse for the children and
it needs to be reported.
BChild disclose that her father hits her mother after she and her siblings have gone to bed
and only when he has been drinking
A: This is a physical abuse for the mother that is being witnessed by the children and
studies have shown that physical abuse in parents lead to children being physical abusive
towards their partner and friends. Apart from this being a physical abuse it is also a
psychological abuse both for the mother and children. Research studies have shown that
mothers who get abused are not mentally healthy enough to take care of their children
and that leads to negligence of the children. Drinking is another aspect that comes out, it
depends on the society this family is living in but in any case if the father is loosing his
temperament and starts beating his wife up after drinking then that is an illegal act and
that needs to be reported.
CMother’s boyfriend strikes your student after an argument resulting in the child’s cursing
at the mother. A visible mark is left on the child’s face
A: Beating children up is an act that is not allowed in any law so, this is an act of physical
abuse and that needs to be reported. This torture leaves mark on the child’s face which is
another factor that reinforces this behavior in this child when he/she grows up as an
adult. The mother got cursed in front of the child that is again a way of learning bad
behavior by the child and it is also helping the child develop an anger against the mother
for the fact the person that is hitting the child and is cursing his/her mother is not the
father but rather a boy friends of the mother.
9. When interacting with a student in crisis what are some key elements to engage to de-escalate the situations
A: Interacting with a student in crisis it is important to setting up a team of counselors, a
plan needs to be hit and then the ways should be reproduced to make the components of
the plans and the ways to launch it and also the ways to run it. Studies also support some
preventive activities and establishing some programs to achieve that. The whole of this
planning, preventive actions and programming should take children and parents in
consideration. In short the key elements will be to take the child in deciding the plans
and to make the child and parents aware of the preventive strategies planed for taking
care of the already happened crisis and preventing the ones expected or anticipated in the
10. How might learning disabilities impact a student socially
A: Learning disabilities which could be due to a number of reasons and factors in children
including mild mental retardation which goes unnoticed until it is discovered with the
learning disabilities of the children. Abilities to learn make a child a successful human
being in future. If I child is not able to learn he//she will not be able to go along with the
other children that don’t have the problem of learning disability so, these children will
not be able to maintain a good social interaction with the other class mates. Apart form
this stage achievement in future the chances of getting good job on the basis of academic
performance will be very difficult for that child so this child will not be a an optimally
earning member of the society so once again will be having financial dependency on
11. What is a question you thought I would ask and did not
A: I was expecting you asking us to share our personal experience as child of primitive level
education and the counseling we got from our counselors and the impact of any positive
or negative exposure on us now but you have not asked us that
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