School Lesson Planning Peculiarities

By pointing and identifying the pictures on the pages, the children will be engaged in remembering what "B" word represents the pictures. Each word in the book starts with the letter B. This allows the children to recognize the letter in both lower and upper case. After the story reading, I will ask the children what other things start with the "B" sound.
9:00 – Teacher will gather students for storytime.
9:05 – Teacher will tell the children what sounds are made by the letter "B".
9:10 – I will read the story, making the children tell me what is in the pictures (Blue Bull)
9:25 – I will say 2 things in the classroom that start with the letter "B". (blackboard, ball)
9:27 – Children will return to their seats and I will ask them what things they can think of that start with the letter "b".
9:40 – I will ask children to point to things in the room that start with the letter "B".
9:45 -Begin In class Assessment detailed below
Materials: The Berenstains’ B Book Random House (1971)
In-class Assessment: After the activity, the students will be called up individually to my desk and asked to point out things starting with the letter "B" on the attached test (pg1).
Homework: Students are asked to bring in a small object for show and tell that starts with the letter "b".