Schultz 4/20 2PM

Leadership analysis for Howard Schultz talk In the Howard Schultz talk, leadership in the field of business is notably conversed. Howard says that every company in the world must create a value proposition for the consumer which should be authentic, genuine and real providing an entry point to the consumer to believe and understand that the leader is putting himself in on his organization’s customer’s shoes and understand on a great sensitivity of the pressure the organization is under. This pressure may include competition, brand denial and severe economic crisis. Leaders should be questionable and responsible to their underperformances and failure in their organization and even the government.
He goes ahead to say that the modern word is hyper connected such that social and digital media is over grasping sending and receiving information. Hence leaders should take that advantage to meet their customers not to sell their products, but mainly to build closeness and trust with customers directly as a leader. He describes leadership as all about courage determination and logical ambitions. He says that he was a leader enough to come back as to Starbucks as a CEO to revive it. Leadership is about seeing around the corner and making relevant, sound decisions concerning an organization. Failure to do so leads to disorganization and collapsing.
Schultz says that success of leadership is not an entitlement and it should be looked for by hard working. Trustworthy as a leader also plays a major role in an organization since he or she acts as an image of the whole organization. Finally, the speaker says that business leaders are responsible to question poor leadership in government offices.
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