Season of migration and Othello



The article takes a deeper look at Season of Migration, a novel written by Tayeb Salih and talks of activities that took place around the colonial and post-colonial periods in Sudan. The story centers its flow on the Arab African interaction and relationships during the period. It also narrates of the relationships of the Africans with the Europeans. It focuses on power misuse issues and neglect of women in the society. On the other hand, Othello is a play and mainly focuses on Italian and European activities. Although Season of Migration by Tayeb Salih was written in novel form and Othello by William Shakespeare was written in play form, the two pieces of literature have a lot of similarities in terms of character representation and the themes discussed. To start with, Sa’eed as used in Season of Migration compares himself to Othello. This is evident from the novel as he is the protagonist just like Othello. William Shakespeare concentrates his story around Othello, and he mainly tries to highlight the destructive part of Othello. As an example, he kills his wife in sleep for suspicion of unfaithfulness, which he later realizes is false. He kills himself afterwards. In addition, the idea is displayed in Season of Migration when Sa’eed refers to himself as Othello when he talks to Isabella Seymour. Here, Isabella Seymour is compared to Desdemona in Othello. This is also clearly depicted because these characters are used as being in a relationship, in both scenarios.