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Why should political systems be compared? Political systems have a profound impact on the way of life of citizens in a country. A political system lays down limits of possessions, expression of views, mobility, employment, recreation and all other social concerns for the citizens. There is a huge difference between different political systems. Dictatorship places entire hold in the ruler’s hands while democracy identifies the rights of citizens and encourages the ruler to go with the decision of the majority. There are many nations around the world that share similar language, culture, traditions, values, social norms and way of life, yet there is a huge difference in the prevalent corruption levels and the degree of association and contentment of the citizens with the government in individual countries. The difference in social attitude fundamentally surfaces as a result of the varying political systems in different countries. Political systems should be compared in order to identify the benefits of one system over another in a particular social setup, in an attempt to implement the best system in a country.
The country I would like to spend a week in:
Had I had a choice to spend a week in a country, I would have chosen United Arab Emirates (UAE). The reason why I am interested in visiting UAE is that firstly, I have a lot of friends in UAE, so I shall have no accommodation problems. My friends will take me to the best places for recreation and enjoyment that would let me utilize my one week period in the best possible manner. Secondly, I have always fancied Arabian culture, and particularly, the Arabian feast. Arabian feast is something I crave. Thirdly, the hot weather and scorching heat of UAE will be a nice drift from the usual cold weather of my home country, and it would really make me feel that I am away from my home, for enjoyment. In addition to that, I have chosen UAE because of its unusually surprising architecture and modernity. Last but not the least, who would not fancy riding a camel in the deserts of UAE? It is surely a dream of many fun-loving people, particularly those that are my age.