Seeking Help from a Long Facility

It has been stated by Ignancia and Taylor (2013) and Zydziunaitel et al. (2010) that the ethical code of conduct provides a set of declarations and guidelines for addressing various issues such as abortion, fair resources allocation, protecting a patient’s autonomy, euthanasia, clinical ethics, cloning, technologies used in reproduction matters and the clinical trials related to animals and human subjects.
A long-term care facility is defined as a place or institution like a skilled nursing facility and nursing home which provides healthcare services to individuals who lack the capability of managing their routine or specialized activities within the community (Gabel, 2011). According to Morrison (2009), long-term care can be provided in the community, in a range of facilities or at home. There are various organizations which are offering long-term care to old people and individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses (Gabel, 2011).
When seeking help from a long-term facility, it is crucial for the institutions to make sure that they perform their work within the ethical boundaries. Even the management, professionals and administrators have to develop a code of conduct which declares the work-related policies and procedures. Hence, there are many ethical issues that are faced by the long-term care facilities and the members of the institutions have to assure compliance with the mandatory professional rules and regulations.
Initially, the healthcare organizations created ethics committees to make sure that the clinical ethical issues are properly addressed and their root causes are completely eliminated from the facilities. With the advent of time, the scholars realized that the ethical model has to be modified and they developed an Integrated Ethics framework which deals with the complete range of ethical dilemmas in healthcare (Morrison &amp. Furlong, 2013). The main concerns are grouped into various categories which are then developed and experimented through an integrated and systematic procedure.