Seeking Proposals of Cummins International

I am looking for hardware equipment, fasteners specifically. The equipment should include. screws, bolts, washers amongst other fasteners. The detailed list is attached alongside this document. Provide a quotation of the fasteners you can supply, the price per piece, the overall price and the rate of price. The company requires that the supplier provides a documentation of the state of their products, indicating that they meet standards of operation.Any bidding supplier is expected to have equipment that meets the ASTM International fasteners standards. The products are also expected to be within the ISO standards for industrial fasteners. The ASTM standards outline that equipment should go through its own testing environment, evaluation of the use of the material in its manufacture, dimensional aspects and certain properties of industrial fasteners in various uses. In the ISO standards, suppliers should meet the requirements outlined in the ISO Standards Handbook.Every bidder will be expected to fill out answers to the following questions, accurately and correctly to ensure they get high consideration for the issuance of the project. The questions are meant to help us understand the suppliers’ background, their professionalism, and experience amongst other necessary details. The questions and answer will also work in great favor for the suppliers in helping them understand the requirements much more clearly.As you bid, please remember to include your managerial team as your point of references for your work. Additionally, provide contact information for previous clients whom you have worked with in the past, or you are continuing to work with, and have been satisfied with your work.Financial records are taken seriously to ensure that the winning bidding suppliers do not face any blocking circumstances.