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Initial Research on Current LCC Issue / Improvement”I need a research paper that is 6-8 pages long ( double spacing, 11 or 12 pt font)topics are attached, you can choose any topic you like.requirements about what to include in the paper:o Title and executive summary/abstracto System / Product Descriptiono Life Cycle Phase for Product / Systemo Contractor and Customer/Stakeholderso Background on the LCC Issueo Bibliography / Cite at Least 3 References· Provide Annotated Outline (key thoughts/notes/outline) for the remaining sections of papero Identify the Life Cycle Cost Management Approach Usedo Identify Scope/Magnitude of LCC Issue (Improvement)o Analyze the Root Causes of this LCC Issue (Improvement)o Identify Affordability Initiatives / Corrective Actions Being Taken or Proposedo Identify the Major Risks for Achieving the LCC Target Costo Identify or Recommend a Course of Action to Resolve Issue (or Capture Savings Opportunity)o Conclusions / Lessons Learnedwhat should be included in the paper:· Contento Required sections includedo Adequate research / referenceso Supporting facts / datao Technical language usage· Analyseso Sound reasoning and logico Application of LCC conceptso Evaluation of root causes — 5 Whyso Assessment of LCC management approach (implemented / proposed)o Assessment of risks or opportunitieso Assessment of forward course of action · Conclusionso Good summary of key pointso Flow from paper discussion contento Insight into LCC issue topico Lessons Learned / Take-away· Writing Styleo Engaging to read and easy to understand. o Use of paragraph topic and transition sentenceso Good sentence structureo Use of Active Voice — short, concise sentenceso Grammar & Spelling· Formato Nice to look ato Layout / Neatnesso Use of section headerso Double spacingo Font 11pt or 12 pt31/01/202020engineering