Selection and decision making assignment

Therefore, interviews can turn out to be deceiving. Selection tests can be used to identify a prospective employee’s ability. An example is through the use of aptitude tests (Jenkins &amp. Wolf, 2006).
Employment testing is one of the tests used in the selection process. Potential employees are tested using written or oral questions determining a potential employee is desirable and suitable candidate for the job. Employment tests require being reasonable and based depending on the field being interviewed. The engineer is required to answer a math problem as the engineering comprises mostly of mathematics. Therefore, it would be unreasonable for a nurse to answer math questions at an interview. If tests match work performance, it be very economical for employers to select employees based on the tests only (Douglas et al, 1989)
The screening process begins with short listing of job applicants based on information given by the applicant during the application stage. Selection process follows the short listing stage where applicants may be presented with a question to answer that is performed during interviews. Candidates are then given their interview results the soonest time possible. Qualifications and experience are reviewed by the interviewer through verifying information given by the candidate. It includes references. The candidate might undergo a medical assessment or fill in a health report to determine the candidate’s health. The final process is panel creation whereby successful candidates will be placed and land a job in the business (Williams &amp. Moore, 1999).
Job applicants should be able to produce a resume that stands out and allows interviewers take a small peak in the applicant’s history. A good resume must have an appropriate work style that includes a summary statement. Summary statements should show the