Selection of a Pessure Vessel Manufacturer



The two visits were intended to evaluate the two suppliers and judge the pros and cons of each. This was to avoid future trouble when Oceanics would be using the vessel. Thus based on this, the intention was to find out which, amongst the two suppliers, is better qualified for the task at hand. Along with this, they had to evaluate the criteria given in both the proposals. They had to evaluate the respective proficiencies of each one in their respective fields.&nbsp.Thus Oceanics has to further evaluate Delivery, Price, Past experience, Shop facilities, Subcontracting, Organization, and guarantee they have to find out details about the following:• potential customers / inter-company business history• to see attitude at a plant visit day• to develop further Oceanics/Jack Tooles perception• to measure cooperation to show plant/plant visit• to evaluate the capability to&nbsp. meet specification and cleanliness requirement• to see equipment and machinery as per company perception• cause for stated cost• the self-image of management, machinery, equipment and to meet• to see equipment and machinery as per Oceanics perception• work disruptions and strikes at plants• staff and area to meet TARGET• previous experience of this type of construction and associated claims• knowledge of product and facility by representatives that is to measure involvement• measure and evaluate material facilities• evaluate the ability of metallurgical and chemical laboratories Based on the proposal plus information obtained from the case history, Atomic Products Company is better. This is because according to the case Atomic products offer the cheaper price, shop facilities, a guarantee of the product. Another major advantage of atomic products is that there is no need for subcontracting. The facility and organization are large enough to tackle the job and handle it. Delivery is expected to be in six months which is relatively acceptable.&nbsp.Atomic products is already a customer of Oceanics thus business relations could be improved. They are relatively more cooperative and have the potential for good relationships with Oceanics.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.